Cauldron Bundles

Because our Cauldrons are so versatile, there is almost no limit to the possible ways you can use them.

Our Bundle packages are designed to help enhance the use and enjoyment of your Cauldron, whether you have just purchased, or have had one (or more!) for years. Each kit has a collection of accessories that we believe will provide both utility and value, and are priced at a substantial discount to the cost of purchasing them individually.

The Starter Kit

Exactly what you need to easily start a fire, care for your Cauldron basin, poke logs, and flip steaks. These are our most popular accessories, combined for you at a discount!

Included Accessories: Bear Fat, Fire Starter, Pigtail

The Chuckwagon

This Chuckwagon Pot makes your Cauldron even more versatile. This bundle makes using it over live fire safe, easy, and precise. Wrangler and Ranch Boss kits include a length of Hand Wrought Chain to accommodate the extra depth of the Cauldron basin.

The Dude and The Urban Cowboy includes: Chuckwagon Pot and 2-S-Hooks 

The Wrangler, and Ranch Boss includes: Chuckwagon Pot, 2-S-Hooks and Hand-Wrought Chain

The Architect’s Dream

Our Fire Ring Accessory is really cool, and has two very specific purposes. First, for Cauldron installations that are NOT on a hardscape, the Fire Ring can be put into the ground below the Cauldron basin. Most of the ring will be below the ground surface, but some of it will sit proud of grade. This gives Cauldron placement in open areas a sense of place and purpose, and is frequently specified by landscape architects and other
designers to give a visual “home” to Cauldrons sitting on lawn, gravel, etc.

The second purpose is to hold a fire that is going to burn UNDERNEATH a Cauldron. When you decide to throw a party and break the state crawdad boil record, reduce maple syrup, or do a clambake, put the fire inside the Fire Ring, and get a cooler full of beer on ice!

Please do not order a Fire Ring accessory if your Cauldron is going to sit on a patio, concrete slab, or other hardscape, unless you are going to build the Fire Ring into the hard surface. Even then, we generally
discourage this, because one day you may want to move your Cauldron off the patio to make room for dancing, etc., and no one wants to dance around a big hole!

Please order this package when you order your Cauldron. It will save you hundreds in shipping costs over ordering one later, because if you order it later, it will have to ship on a separate pallet.

We sell lots of these, and encourage you to consider one if your Cauldron is going to sit on anything other than a hard surface. If you have any questions about this package, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

 Included Accessory: Fire Ring

The Full Monty

Many of our customers order all of their accessories over time. But if you want to get everything, all at once, you can save time, and money! The Full Monty Bundle will take you from zero to sixty in the only amount of time it takes to unwrap everything.

Included Accessories: The Dude Cauldron, Bear Fat, Fire Starter, Chuckwagon Pot, 2-S-Hooks, Pigtail, Bottle Opener, Hand-Forged Tongs, Cowboy Cauldron Apron, Hat. The Wrangler and Ranch Boss configurations also include a Hand-Wrought Chain.


Four sizes to fit any lifestyle.


Everything you need to use and maintain your cauldron.

Replacement Parts

Covers, pins, grates, and grills.