The Chuckwagon Pot




  • Weight: 15lbs

  • Capacity: 7qt

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Your Cauldron’s Cooking Companion

The most versatile, beautiful, and functional open- fire cookware piece ever. Period.

The Chuckwagon Pot can hang from an S-hook or can be placed directly onto coals. It won’t tip or spill.

Three-layer enamel coating eliminates rust and makes cleaning a breeze. Lid is designed to fit tightly and won’t slip off. Capacious, but not unduly heavy.

Fry, simmer, or our favorite – make campfire popcorn! This design is what every trail cook in the 1800’s wished he had.

Like the Cowboy Cauldron itself, not cheap, but perfect for function, and good for generations.

7qt Capacity

Chuckwagon Cooking

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