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    I’m Mike Bertelsen and I am the owner and President of Cowboy Cauldron Company.

    I didn’t start this business because it seemed like a good idea. In fact, if I were going to give someone career advice, it sure as hell wouldn’t be to start selling fire pits. I started making Cauldrons because my buddies saw mine and wanted one. I of course said, “Hell no, get your own.” But they absolutely beat me up until I finally knuckled under and built two more. Then other friends wanted them, and then their friends wanted them. Now it’s my job.

    I’m lucky. My friends have always been there for me. Life hasn’t always been smooth, but they have made the ride a better one, and that’s for damn sure.

    I believe that the Cowboy Cauldron is one of the greatest things you can add to your list of possessions, and that’s not because of the obvious self-interest. Sure, they are beautiful, functional, durable, and so on. But really, our company is about the hosting experience. About taking care of those who take care of you. It’s about honesty, integrity, and things that work the way they are supposed to. If you have been fortunate enough to be able to buy a Cauldron, for the cost of a new suit, you can be in a better situation to take care of the people who care about you, and that’s a damn fine place to find ones’ self.

    If you want the longer version about my life and the genesis of the Cauldron, click here. It’s actually a pretty neat story.