Have Cauldron, Will Travel

Don’t think for one minute that THE DUDE® is a lesser quality product than our larger offerings. It is burly enough to last your entire lifetime and beyond. It’s made of the same solid plate steel, and is made with the same degree of care. But with a 24-inch, 35-pound basin and segmented legs, it is scaled to fit almost any lifestyle. Camping, in your RV, at the tailgate party, ski hill, beach, or on your patio,

THE DUDE® gives you the ability to enjoy live fire anywhere, in a clean, convenient, beautiful package.

The Dude®

24 in. Diameter / 35 lb. Basin

$1,499.00 $1,647.00


What’s Included

  • The Dude Cauldron Basin

  • Tripod Frame

  • Suspension Chain

  • Charcoal Grate & Support

  • Chromed Steel Cooking Grill

  • Soft Vinyl Rain Cover with Fastex Buckles


  • Basin Diameter: 24 in.

  • Basin Weight: 35 lbs.

  • Tripod Height: 60 in.

  • Tripod Width: 70 in. Point to Point Approximately 

  • *NEW* Segmented Tripod Legs for easier transport

    The Dude® Bundles

    You’re getting ready to experience Cowboy Cauldron for the first time. Buckle up, Cowboy. Your world is about to get a lot more exciting. However, you may be wondering where to start. Planning on cooking and entertaining? Looking to create a permanent fixture in your freshly-manicured backyard? Want it ALL? Read on for more information on available Cauldron Bundles:

    The Starter Kit

    Everything you need to get a good burn going, care for your Cauldron, poke at a few logs and tinder, or turn a couple of Tomahawk Steaks for your next grilling session. 

    The Dude Cauldron, Bear Fat, Fire Starter, Pigtail

    The Chuckwagon

    For the multitasking cook. Featuring our aptly-named Chuckwagon Pot — the greatest cooking vessel for any Cauldron.

    The Dude Cauldron, Chuckwagon Pot, 2-S-Hooks 

    The Full Monty

    The name says it all. Includes everything in the Starter Kit and Chuckwagon to compliment The Dude.

    The Dude Cauldron, Bear Fat, Fire Starter, Chuckwagon Pot, 2-S-Hooks, Pigtail, Bottle Opener, Hand-Forged Tongs, Cowboy Cauldron Apron, Hat.

    Built to Last a Lifetime, and More.

    Made by hand, one at a time, from solid, seamless plate steel.

    Single-point suspended basin with adjustable height to fit any space.

    No tools required, sets up in seconds.