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    Grill and fire pit resource Cowboy Cauldron will be bringing a new portable fire pit and grill combo to show at its first HPBExpo booth.

    Utah-based Cowboy Cauldron has launched its newest cauldron, The Dude.

    Company officials describe The Dude as, “the ultimate portable fire pit and grill combo to accentuate any outdoor adventure. As the smallest among the Cowboy Cauldron products, the Dude is lightweight, convenient, mobile, and it’s affordable! Available at $899, the Dude abides.”

    We’ve made it through much of the crappy cold weather. Spring is just over the horizon and beyond that, the beautiful warm summer months. That means it’s time to start planning for grilling season. How you ask? Saving up for a new grill, that’s how. What better way to get excited about late spring and early summer than unveiling a brand new grill.
    Cowboy Cauldron makes ’em both bigger and smaller, but “The Urban Cowboy” is just about right for the average Joe who wants to add a little Western flair to a gathering. Its 30-inch basin allows for any kind of campfire cooking, and it also warms up the troops without the need to dig up an inch of ground. S’mores, anyone? ($1,695)

    You may think they’re only good for cooking up double-sized portions of toil and trouble but it turns out cauldrons are actually pretty great way to cook for (or set a spell on) a large group.

    Fire pits are the hottest trend in outdoor entertaining right now. And if you’re looking for the most beautiful and most functional fire pit then look no further than the Cowboy Cauldron. As longer evenings start to draw in, outdoor fire pits are the ultimate solutions to host flaming hot parties and evening cookouts. There are many types of fire pits on the market so you’ll need to look thoroughly in order to pick the best one for you. When it comes to quality and functionality, no other fire pits can come close to Cowboy Cauldron. This fire pit doesn’t just function as an outdoor heat source but it can also serve as a grill and a cook pot.