The World’s Finest Fire Pit & Grill™

Beautiful, Functional, Durable.

Cowboy Cauldron makes the most beautiful, best-designed, longest lasting, and most functional fire pit and grill ever to exist. Period.

Made by hand, one at a time, from solid plate steel. Built to last a lifetime, and more. A Cauldron will literally change your life.

Single-Point Suspended Basin

This is amazing for lots of reasons. First, you can get your feet right up underneath the fire on a cold day. Second, unlike a ground fire, the smoke from a Cauldron is already on its way up and away from you by the time it leaves the rim of the basin. And, if you think a fire is hypnotizing, try one swinging like a pendulum.

Adjustable Basin Height

Your life isn’t static, and neither is your Cauldron. If you change your outdoor furniture, you can adjust the basin so that your view of the fire remains perfect. If you want to raise the basin for grilling, go for it. If you take it to the beach and want it low, low, low, then put it there. No other fire pit or grill on the market does this.

Solid, Seamless, Plate Steel

Impervious to thermal shock, weather, or abuse of really any kind, with no seams to crack, weaken, or look at. And the thickness of our steel means that your basin will heat up slowly and dissipate heat evenly. The basins are given a high-temperature coating that can withstand the thermal expansion of the basin during a burn.

Chef Tyler Florence for Cowboy Cauldron


As Featured In

I ordered The Dude Cauldron for my husband for an anniversary gift, couldn’t wait until July to give it to him but this is the absolute best gift ever! He loves it, I love it and all of our family and friends love it! It’s so perfect and we look forward to many years of memories with this! Thank you so much for the quality and quick shipping! Also the customer service was outstanding!
— Cindy W.
Our cauldron is the envy of the neighborhood and we love spending time around it.Best gift I ever gave my husband. Thank you for making these!
— Catrina A.
It’s the best fire pit / grill you'll ever buy. Literally a game changer... so much that we are buying another Urban Cowboy for our cottage. It’s part of the family now... Cheers to the Cowboy Cauldron... what a beauty...
— Rick S.
I love my Cauldron. First cook was 4th of July. What fun this is. I have several grills and smokers, and this is my new favorite. It’s cool cooking in the round. There is a learning curve, but that is part of the fun. Can't wait for cooler weather. I don’t think the fire will go out all Fall.
— Scott C.
We received our cauldron a couple months ago and are extremely happy with it. We have already enjoyed many good nights around the fire with friends and family, not to mention some great cooking on it. We have burnt lots of wood in the cauldron and with some Bear Fat it cleans up like new. My wife is so happy with the cauldron that she is having a patio built for it. We’re looking forward to many more memories around the cauldron. Thank you Cowboy Cauldron for designing this awesome fire pit.
— Eric D.
I ordered The Wrangler and it arrived just in time for our party. WOW! What a beauty! Everyone LOVED the cauldron it was the centerpiece of the event! Thank you for such great customer service and thank you for making this amazing utilitarian piece of art!
— Darla M.
My wife bought me the big cauldron for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It was one of the rare moments when she bought what I was going to buy first.
— Joshua L.
The Ranch Boss is the biggest, baddest, coolest, and most fun thing I have ever had the privilege to own. It changes my yard, and it certainly makes my friends wish they had one!
— Curtis W.