Cowboy Cauldron Bottle Opener

$79.00 $129.00

The Ultimate Bottle Opener 

They are, like our Cauldrons, wonderful pieces of functional art.  The skilled blacksmiths at Wasatch Forge right here in Salt Lake City create each one individually with hammer, tongs, skill, fire, and sweat. 

Perfectly sized, exquisitely crafted, and with just the right amount of heft, the spiral loops fit oh-so-satisfyingly between your fingers.  The loops and curls are pounded into red-hot iron around the fine end of an anvil, and are so striking you might wish to frame the whole thing.

But don’t. Use it. And then use it some more. 

Each piece comes with a sturdy leather lanyard so you can loop it around one of the legs of your Cauldron where folks can see it. Or not. The lanyard is handy, though, no matter how you use it.

Do you really need this level of craftsmanship to get into to your frosty beverage? Probably not. But then again, if you love hand work, honest craftsmanship, and have any sense of style, once you put this in your hand, you’ll keep it close forever.


Hand-Forged in Salt Lake City, UT

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