As you hopefully already know, we are re-introducing The Dude™ 

We originally made and sold around a hundred of them several years ago. They were very well-received, but there was one big problem. They are exceptionally difficult to make. So we stopped producing them.

The ramifications of that decision played out in lots of ways, but the one that had us bugged the most was that this smallest unit, aside from its many other virtues, was at a substantially lower price point than our core lineup. The more we heard from students, new families, brides, and others, the more we felt like we needed to create a model that would let almost anyone enjoy a beautiful, clean, and safe fire, even if they didn’t have space of their own, or if the space they had was too small to host a full-sized Cauldron.

At Cowboy Cauldron Company, we feel that part of our corporate purpose is to provide the means for as many people as possible to exercise their birthright as a member of the homo sapiens species to spend time around live fire, no matter where they live.

It took us three full years of prototyping, testing, and tooling development. Cauldrons look simple, but any designer will tell you that the toughest thing to do right is to make something simple, and to do it perfectly. Try drawing a circle.

To make the effort even more fun, once we got the capability to build them, we got blindsided by the virus, with its attendant labor, raw material, shipping, and distribution issues.

But the first Dudes are going to be delivered to those folks who had the faith in us to pre-order the first production run in just a couple of weeks. After that, we hope to be able to keep them in stock. They have proven to be extremely popular, so we can’t guarantee that you won’t have a short wait, but we will do what we can to stay abreast of demand.

Here are some cool studio photos of The Dude. We will have lifestyle shots coming shortly.



It wasn’t’ easy to bring The Dude to life, but by god, we’ve done it.





May 27, 2020