Despite our best intentions at keeping something that looks like an editorial calendar in place, events have overtaken us. It doesn’t make any sense to show you the virtues of Cauldrons in exotic locales when about the most exotic place any of us can imagine gong right now is the grocery store.


But if you are like us, it may be somewhat of a pleasant surprise to find that the backyard is a pretty great place to find one’s self. Especially now, in late spring. Birds are nesting, blossoms are blooming, and you may even have a few tomato plants started, or a new garden that is taking shape.


For me, it’s been a shocking relief from an incessant travel schedule. Instead of being in Nantucket, Austin, Charleston, and New Orleans, (all between Valentines Day and now) while also working nonstop trying to keep the Cowboy Cauldron empire afloat, I’ve been at home, and burning. To say it has been a delight would be an understatement.


Neighbors drop by. They are really happy to have a place to “social distance together.” The kids are thrilled to have a place to go. I’m catching up on phone calls with old friends who have been too-long neglected in the press of what used to be normal life. And the Cauldron rarely stops burning. I’m smoking meat, grilling, drinking an arguably indecent amount of wine, and enjoying the crap out of being alive and present in the place I have created for myself and those I love most. 


Honestly, I find that most of the time the Cauldron isn’t cooking. It’s just blazing away, giving me comfort, entertainment and pleasure.  Social distancing is easy around the basin. I feel totally connected to visitors without the odd sense of being too far outside normal conversational spacing. It sure as hell beats folks I see sitting in cars talking to each other as I do my daily bike ride!


We have been overwhelmed at the number of photos we have received from Cauldron owners in the past few weeks. It’s both satisfying and amusing to see the myriad ways folks are re-imagining their relationship to their yards, neighborhoods, and gathering places by using our products.


We would love to see your favorite photos of you and yours.


Click here to upload photos, join the conversation, and make some new friends.


Just be sure not to send us anything that violates the Cone of Silence that makes your meetings of The Cauldron Society such special space! After all, some things just shouldn’t change. 

May 27, 2020