When I first agreed to make Cauldrons for a couple of my best friends, I had no idea the path I was starting down.

To say that where we are today is surprising would be an enormous understatement.

There are now thousands of Cauldrons all over the world, and we get photographs, emails, and phone calls almost every day from folks who want to share with us the wonderful places they have sent our products, how they have been put to use, and the things that happen around them.

One of the biggest surprises has been The Cauldron Society arising of its own accord in so many places. The quick story is that back in my previous life as a lobbyist, the regular crew that gathered around the Cauldron dubbed themselves with the moniker. It basically was a reframing of the old Vegas ad, "What happens at the Cauldron, stays at the Cauldron.”

And then I discover that as Cauldrons spread around, completely different groups gave themselves the exact same name! I loved it so much that we used it for the Facebook Group we set up for our customers. More on this below, but the bottom line is that the reasons my friends wanted Cauldrons way back in the day are the same no matter where you are.

Join the Cowboy Cauldron Society Facebook Group here.

It’s not just because they are super cool (although that certainly helps!). It’s because of the social dynamics that happen around them. Once you spend time around a Cauldron, nothing else will do.

Which is curious. You can build a fire in anything, or even on the ground, but it’s just not the same. As I am writing this, I literally have just hung up the phone with a man who is putting a second Cauldron on his property, because there are two places they entertain, and they just couldn’t abide not having one in both places. And he’s not alone. Not by a long shot. I’d like to say I’m shocked by how many of our customers own more than one Cauldron, but because I get to spend so much time around them, it’s completely understandable.

But one thing I am honestly surprised about is how Cauldrons have spread on social media. Being an old guy, I’m still a bit leery of anything that “goes viral.” But I was cajoled awhile ago into setting up a Facebook Group so that our customers could talk between themselves without any prompting from us. Since then, nearly 1000 people have joined Cauldron Society Group, and the stuff that shows up there is both amazing and immensely gratifying. Photos of kids, parties, landscapes, friends, food, and creative uses for the Cauldron keep pouring in, all on their own.

And we learn from them, as well. Every so often someone will be using a Cauldron in a way that is really creative, novel, or surprising. Sometimes these ideas are the seed for new accessories, or for a new kind of party. More importantly, sometimes we get suggestions on potential improvements to our products. We take these very seriously, because from the very beginning, my goal has been to make our product the very best money can buy. That doesn’t mean the most expensive, but the best. For example, we are now on our 8th generation of design on our grills. I think they are perfect now, but who knows. 

For those of you who share posts on social media, please accept my thanks. They are sincerely appreciated. For those of you who don’t, well, thanks for buying and enjoying our products. May you and your enjoy a full and happy lifetime around the Cowboy Cauldron you have purchased.

August 29, 2021