Summertime means different things to different people, but for most everyone, it means vacation. This year, vacation is going to look a whole lot different than it has for the past two years. Plane and hotel reservations are booked solid everywhere. It’s being called “revenge travel,” due to the vehemence with which folks intend to escape! And where are they going? Well, the simple answer is, as Jimmy Buffet famously sang, “Somewhere other than here!” Assuming, of course, that your definition of “here” is the place you’ve pretty much been at since March of 2020!

I hope you have some travel lined up. Whether it be somewhere new and exotic or somewhere familiar and traditional.

One thing that has changed for me in the past several years is that most of the time, when I arrive at my destination, whether it be to a friend’s house, a resort, fishing lodge, or vineyard, there is a Cauldron there to greet me! If you own one, you know that nothing says WELCOME like a Cowboy Cauldron. A good time is going to be had by all, and most likely you are going to eat well, too.

I’ve had this experience in New Zealand, Europe, the Caribbean, and all around the USA, from Nantucket to Miami and from Seattle to San Diego. My guess is that I’m not alone, either. Once someone buys a Cauldron, it’s just a matter of time before their friends do the same. Arriving at a destination to see the classic shape of a Cauldron awaiting you is one of the more pleasant travel experiences one can have.

And if you are driving for vacation, consider taking your Cauldron along for the ride! You will definitely make new friends if you do!

Vacation also means photos. Lots of photos. And on that topic, we were absolutely blown away by the response we got on our “Best Burn” photo contest. There were so many we couldn’t believe it. From backyards to beaches, we were tickled pink to see how and where folks are using their Cauldrons. We are delighted to announce the winners, and have put them plus a bunch of other submissions up for your perusal. Check them out, and if you didn’t submit this year, take photos for next spring, because we are going to make it an annual event!

Without further ado, here are the winners of our first annual Best Burn Photo Contest. And even if you didn't win, check our website. We'll be integrating some of the entries to our site for all to see!

1st Place - Angela Houston

From composition to capture of fire, this one was so stunning it was the unanimous winner. Congratulations, Angela!

2nd Place - Randy Williams

Nothing sets off a spectacular sunset like a burning Cauldron. Add color, setting, and the fact that this Cauldron was on an adventure made it an easy choice!

3rd Place - Steve Thompson

Shooting in low light is tough. Shooting fire is also tough. Capturing the feeling of sitting by your Cauldron on a summer’s night - well, that gets a prize!


Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention entry by Kristi W 

 Honorable Mention entry by Louise H

Honorable Mention entry by Stephen P

June 27, 2022