There are many ways to use a Cowboy Cauldron. After years of being around them, I’ve come to a couple of firm opinions.


First, what someone does with their Cauldron in the privacy of their own yard is their own damn business.

Secondly, notwithstanding the above, there are a few “Best Practices” that are better observed than ignored. 

You can take a look at them and make your own decisions, but just know that this is the voice of experience talking here:

• It’s best not to change the height of a friend’s basin to suit your preference without asking him/her first.

• Nothing good will come from leaving the wine or champagne bottle too close to the fire.

• There is no shame in using a fire starter.

• Lightweight, upright chairs. Lots of them.

• Occasionally grill things that aren’t meat.

• Don’t boil pots on the grill. Hang them or put them down on the charcoal grate.

• "It Makes A Village.”™ Let people contribute.

• Another log is usually a good idea.

• Your Cauldron will outlast you. Burn it hard while it’s yours.










Mike Bertelsen - President

July 12, 2021