Ski …. Uh, WHAT? 

Skiing. While being pulled by horses, more or less.

Anyone who grows up in snow country has done something like this. Because, let’s face it, when you are a kid, you can’t always be on the mountain.

In a quick poll of our buddies, as kids we have used the following devices to “go on the snow:” 




Snow disks

Inner tubes

Plastic sheeting


Scrap metal

While being pulled by:



Other neighborhood kids



But Skijoring, in its current formulation, was invented in St. Moritz, along with downhill skiing, competitive figure skating, and the bobsled. It involves being pulled on skis through an obstacle course while being pulled by horses.

It’s really cool.


Cowboy Cauldron was a sponsor of this year’s competition held in Teton Valley, Idaho. Ten Cauldrons were scattered around the venue, burning brightly while 150 competitors from ages 7 to 40, (including one Untied States astronaut) ran the gauntlet of jumps, gates, and hay bales.

If you ever have the chance to either watch or participate in this event, don’t miss it!  

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March 06, 2023