For effective live-fire cooking in a pot or Dutch oven, you have to be able to adjust the container’s height over the heat source. Our S-hooks let you hang your pot at just the right height. For owners of The Dude or Urban Cowboy units, we recommend two S-Hooks. They will give you all the versatility you will ever need.

For owners of our Wrangler or Ranch Boss units, we recommend adding a piece of our Hand-Wrought Chain, which will give you the extra length you need to reach the bottom of the basin.

This is the safest, most efficient way to suspend a pot over a fire. Please note – we do not recommend ever putting a large pot on the cooking grill of your Cauldron. Suspend it from above. That way it can’t spill. 


S-hook is approximately 5”. Some variability can be expected.

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