LOGO BASEBALL CAP - Tan with Black Logo


Made from heavy woven canvas, not the more common cotton twill, this hat tells folks you know who you are, and what you like. Five-panel construction and brass, buckle-slider closure. Features our tag-line, "Fire Perfected" on the back. Super masculine, but we seriously can’t wait to see a beautifully pony tail coming out of this one.

One of the things we here at Cowboy Cauldron Company are most proud of is our logo. Like our products, it is clean, simple, and compelling. 

And if you own a Cauldron, you already know that they are, pure and simply, cool

Matthew McConaughey (also a Cauldron owner) just published a book called Greenlights, that is the story of his life and upbringing. About a third of the way into it is a short discourse on the nature of cool, in a poem, no less. 

cool is a natural law.
     if it was cool for THAT time,
       then it is cool for ALL time.
     cool stands the test of time 
because cool never tries.
      cool just is.

Mic drop.

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