Fire Starter


As satisfying as it it to build the perfect one-match fire, there is a chance that your yard isn’t the best place to find dry grass, pine needles, dead branches and the like. Or maybe it has been raining for a couple of days. Or it could be the middle of winter. Or you could be at the beach. Or a ski resort. Or it could be that you just don’t want to think that hard, and just want to start a fire!!! 

Problem solved. Our Fire Starter is made of 100% natural ingredients, so no chemical smells, no off flavors to your food, and no toxic fumes. One can is enough to easily start 20 fires, or more! It burns clean, leaves no residue, and a full puck is enough to boil a fairly large pan of water, all by itself, in an emergency. Keeping a couple in your car is a very good idea. 

And perhaps most importantly, our Fire Starter is safe. Don’t ever let your buddies tell you that “just a little bit of gasoline” is all you need. It’s a prescription for a trip to the hospital.  

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