We are now anticipating that shipments of The Urban Cowboy, The Wrangler, and The Ranch Boss will be 30-45 days out from the date of order placement. 


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    A favorite of landscape designers and architects, (hence the package name of the Architect’s Dream) the Fire Ring has two functions: First, it gives a visual “home” to a Cauldron placed on dirt, lawn, sand, etc. Like a bucket hanging over a well, a Cauldron suspended over a Fire Ring resonates with a sense that things are exactly where they should be. The Fire Ring will also attractively hold a fire built below the basin, so your Cauldron can be instantly converted into a soup pot, deep fryer, or any other use your creative or culinary mind can conjure.
    Please note that the Fire Ring is meant to be dug partially into the ground. Not for use on hardscape surfaces.


    • Fire Ring Size: One Size
    • Weight: 65 pounds
    • Material: Solid rolled Plate steel with high-temp coating
    • Height: 12 inches - Designed to be set into the ground – suggested height from level grade is 4-5″