Cauldron Cover


Cauldron Size

Newer Urban Cowboy and Dude models of the Cauldron feature soft covers. Made from vinyl and closed-cell foam, they will keep rain and snow (or your sprinkler system) out of your basin.  For either of these two units, if the top cap of your Cauldron is flat, without a hole for the suspension chain, you will want the soft cover.

The best guide to know which cover fits your unit is as follows: If your Urban Cowboy or Dude Cauldron has a cap pin that sits atop the frame cap, you will need a hard cover. Call us if you have any questions, and we will be happy to be sure you get the right one!

Older models, plus all of our larger Wrangler and Ranch Boss, units feature a hard cover made from a rigid aluminum composite. 

Please be sure to select the cover that matches your Cauldron.