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    We took the original, crude formula originally developed in the 13th Century by blacksmiths to protect their craftsmanship from the elements, and have made minor modifications to make it longer-lasting. Still 100% natural, you could put it on a sandwich if you wanted to - even though it would taste terrible…. 

    Bear Fat is the perfect product to use to protect the outer shell of your Cauldron basin. Even though we use the best finish available, rust never sleeps, and when your Cauldron begins to scale, a quick coat of Bear Fat applied with a rag will put a beautiful black patina back on your basin in a jiffy. (Think of rubbing bacon grease on a cast iron pan). 
    Bear Fat is also ideal for protecting leather gloves and boots, wooden tool handles, and to touch up waxed cotton garments like a Filson jacket. 
    Bear lovers, (and this includes us) take note - this isn’t actual bear fat! It’s not legal to sell fat from bears in the United States. This is one of the reasons we had to adjust the formula a bit! 
    Size - 1 pint