A perfect beginner recipe that takes you to the origins of this style of live-fire cooking - meat, sauce, and fire. This is one of the most satisfying meals ever, and one that folks will ask for again and again. Served traditionally on a soft roll with cole slaw, it can also go over rice, in a tortilla, or in whatever other manner may strike your fancy.


Whole Pork Shoulder (Inexplicably often sold as Pork Butt) Cubed in big chunks (1.5 – 2”).

Bottle of North Carolina BBQ Sauce such as Scott’s Sauce, or make your own:

1T Cayenne

1T Black Pepper

1T Kosher Salt

Optional - 1/2 T Mild (not smoked) Paprika – adds color

1.5 Cups of Apple Cider Vinegar


Roughly cube meat into big chunks and more finely dice some of the fat.

Place your Chuckwagon Pot over the fire from S-Hooks and allow to adequately heat up. 

Add diced fat to the pot and let render briefly – about 1-2 minutes.

Add some of the cubed pork and let brown. NOT GREY – BROWN!

Add remaining pork, in batches, if necessary, and let stir until it is all sufficiently brown.

Mix your cayenne, pepper, salt and apple cider vinegar together in a bowl - whisk vigorously. 

Add the liquid mixture to and cover pot with lid.

Let cook for 25-30min. Stir occasionally.

The liquid should reduce by close to half. Add more sauce or vinegar periodically, if desired.

Once the pork is tender, remove the pot from the Cauldron and serve immediately.



October 19, 2022