It may be a virtue, but probably it is a fault. We drink a lot of wine. 

BUT, “When in Rome, do the Romans,” as I like to say, and when you are in Germany, you by-god drink beer.

So when we had the opportunity to attend the world’s largest beer festival, we scampered on down to see what was happening. 

A whole lot, it turns out….

 So, there you are, chugging your beer and dancing away to lyrics you can’t understand, and what happens? Yup, the wafting scent of grilling sausage assails your nostrils. So off you go to get you some.

Turns out that the way to feed a couple hundred thousand hungry festival-goers is, essentially, a a Cauldron. While not exactly the same, the general notion, and the incredible efficiency of the setup, made us understand that our products are as close as anyone can get to bringing this level of wood-fired cooking to your backyard. The giant grill is set up on a winch, and they literally shovel charcoal into the flat brasier like it was a old locomotive, but take a look at how efficient this setup is:

And be sure to notice the wad of furry hair in the lower right hand of the frame. It’s this guy – one of what turns out to be a A WHOLE BUNCH of football and rugby squads from all over Europe who flew in for the party.

We guess this guy was flagging those guilty of a party-foul:

And what a party.
Sing along if you know the words. Apparently everyone but us did.
And don’t forget to bring your blow-up pool alligator.

And yes, there was kraut. Amazing, abundant, delicious kraut. By the vat-full. Might we suggest you add some to the menu for your next Burn?

Now, we’ve spent our fair share of time around a keg. In fact, at the international headquarters of Cowboy Cauldron Company, we have our own keggerator. To say that beer in quantity is something you already know is one thing, but this is a true re-set.

This is a single delivery vehicle delivering to one of hundreds of booths:

And let’s not forget German engineering! What do you get when you feed tens of thousands of gallons of beer to hundreds of thousands of people? You guessed it – the need for some serious latrine facilities.

You may balk at this pic, but we think it is pure genius:

All told, we learned a lot. By American standards, we feed and entertain l lot of people, it’s nothing compared to what can be done. Check out these last photos, and look for Cauldron references, ideas for your next Burn, as well as the various nationalities that are represented.

Closing shot – me and some of my new best friends. Get out there and make some of your own!

August 23, 2019