We think it is important to keep an open mind and an open eye. Without the curiosity to learn more, your options and your mind begin to close. Things are tough enough without going through life thinking you know it all.

At Cowboy Cauldron, we don’t sell fire pits. We sell the hosting experience. Whether it’s a group of 60 or just you, once the Cauldron is lit, that’s where people will be.

Consequently, we go out in search of that which is new, that which is old, and that which is different from what we already know (or think we know). In this spirit, we left this summer for a tour through Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic to see what the traditions, trends, and customs of a new place might teach us.

For starters, Europeans have been following hunting traditions that go back for nearly a thousand years. They have been immortalized in many ways, but public art is one that simply doesn’t, to our knowledge, exist in the US. Check out these statues from the Tiergarten in Berlin!

Fox Hunting

Wood Bison Hunting - on foot, no less!

Our own personal woodcraft skills were put to use, even in the middle of one of the largest cities in Europe. Directly below the boar hunting statue we found this year’s mast crop falling. The same acorns that fed the boar that have fed the people of this area since the beginning of recorded time.

Another big difference between the US and Germany – not everywhere is grill-friendly. Imagine our disappointment….

So as a consequence, we too ourselves to a local cafe to sample the local fare. German food is just about what it is cracked up to be!

And no, the sausages weren’t all that great. Thank goodness for beer.

And speaking of beer, check out our next post – direct from the world’s largest beer festival! Stay tuned. 

August 30, 2019