It’s fall – the golden time of the year! Harvests of all kinds are underway, and leaves are turning colors. Grapes are being gleaned in vineyards, hunting season is in full swing, and apples hang ripe on the trees.
If you are like me, I get a fresh lease on life as the season turns. The cooler air invigorates me, which is a good thing, since fall chores demand getting out there and getting things done! I’m also even more excited to spend time around my Cauldron. As this is being written, I’ve got two racks of ribs ready to go on the grill, and beer in the fridge to back them up. If you haven’t seen it before, here is a link to my ribs recipe. It’s easy, and the best there is.

Summer was a bit strange, as damn near everyone I know was on an extended vacation of one sort or another. I personally know of six different people who have returned from Italy in the past three weeks, including my 86 year-old mother! If you are among those happy, weary travelers, take heart. The holiday season is upon us, and entertaining will be much easier and closer to home for the next couple of months.
So grab your friends, set the leaf rake down, and get a burn going. If you still don’t have a Cauldron of your own, we have a special deal running right now. Soon enough you’ll likely be shoveling snow, so get out there and make the best of this time of the year!

November 02, 2023 — Mike Bertelsen