Published on 4.10.24


Cowboy Cauldron The Dude Fire Pit

With a 42-inch diameter, the Cowboy Cauldron Ranch Boss is big and bold. Its straightforward design nods to the past; a tripod holds a large basin from a chain. Smaller basins include one with a modest 24-inch diameter, which has a comfortable seating suggestion of three to four people. As the largest model, the Ranch Boss claims to accommodate "everyone." Latner says the Valencia group uses the Cowboy Cauldron at its properties, most of which are in Texas, because of its unique aesthetic. People find them so attractive and unique that his company frequently receives requests for information on where to purchase them.

In addition to the tripod, basin, and chain assembly, the Ranch Boss ships with a rain cover, charcoal grate, and cooking grill. It can be cooked in or cooked on for those who want to use their Cauldron beyond a fire pit. One can build a fire under the basin and live out their Bugs Bunny fantasies while stewing or frying large projects, or the cooking grill can be used for both grilling and as a cooking surface for cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens.


April 16, 2024