Look, we're not really into fussy meals when it comes to cooking on the Cauldron. We like fire (sometimes really big fires) and when we're grilling, we want our food to taste good. Good charcoal does the trick there. Plus, if you're cooking for two, this is a perfect recipe that will leave both parties satisfied. 

If you're not into asparagus, feel free to sub in another grill-able veg like zucchini or even a few carrots. 

Serve alongside a light salad, a glass of wine or champagne, and don't skip dessert. 


Salmon filet
Asparagus - fat ones work better than skinny ones.
[secret ingredient - Fresh thyme]
Make a fire, or use hardwood lump charcoal. Don’t worry too much about temperature, just get the Cauldron hot.
Cut the lemon in half, then toss the salmon on the grill, skin side down. Put the asparagus on, as well. Let the asparagus blister, and roll it around as you see fit. 
When you see white gel starting to form between the lines on the salmon meat, throw down a few sprigs of fresh time on the grill, then flip the salmon filet onto them. This lets the fish cook on the delicate side without sticking, and a bit of the thyme will burn into the meat. It doesn’t take long.
Get things off the grill, then give each plate a squeeze a bit of the charred lemon. Use the lemon halves as a garnish on each plate. They look nice. Add olive oil to the veggies if you like it, and put some salt on, as well.
Open champagne, and enjoy the evening. 
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!
February 13, 2023