Get Grilling with Certified Piedmontese Beef

When it comes to grilling on the world's finest fire pit and grill, we would obviously want you grilling the finest steaks you could get your hands on. Thus, we're thrilled to offer a FREE box of premium steaks from our dear friends at Certified Piedmontese Beef.

If you've been considering your first Cauldron (or another!), then there has never been a better time. In addition to new accessory bundles with all 2023 Cauldrons you can now get to grilling the finest beef on day one of your Cauldron arriving. Just assemble, start your charcoal, and enjoy - courtesy of the team here at Cowboy Cauldron Co.

We have two options available. Read below for further details.

*Available to US Domestic Customers ONLY

Box #1 - $100 Value

Yours FREE with any purchase of The Dude or The Urban Cowboy

What's in the Box?

2 – 10oz NY Strips

2 – 14oz Boneless Ribeye

2 – 8oz Flat Iron Steak

Box #2 - $150 Value

Yours FREE with any purchase of The Wrangler or The Ranch Boss

What's in the Box?

2 – 10oz NY Strips

4 – 14oz Boneless Ribeye

4 – 8oz Flat Iron Steak

Ready to get grilling on your new Cauldron?

Damn-Good Beef

When it comes to beef that has been treated with the utmost care and results in top-tier flavor, we're all ears. Piedmontese raises a lineage of cattle in the American midwest and offers a host of great products. Subscriptions available.