As you already know, Cauldrons are big. Even the Urban Cowboy. They don’t fit into a mailbox, and they don’t meet the limits of the UPS truck, either. So they ship via something called “LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) Scheduled Freight Delivery.” This is just a fancy term that means we will have our shipping broker find the best service from our warehouse to your delivery address, and will book a truck with the right equipment to get it to you. Freight trucks are big - typically a semi, and not a box truck, so we ship via scheduled service whereby the carrier calls you to confirm a delivery date and time, and also to allow you to discuss with them if there are any issues getting you your address. As you might guess, Cauldrons get delivered to lots of out-of-the-way places, and in some instances you may need to make special arrangements to meet the delivery truck, etc. We do everything we can to make the delivery as easy as possible. 

Our standard, Domestic parcel and freight/LTL shipping prices in included in the product price for The DUDE. There is a $59 Flat Shipping Fee for The Urban Cowboy, The Wrangler, and The Ranch Boss. These prices are NOT reflective of special requests, remote destinations, private communities, special regulations, or special instructions. These variables will likely result in additional shipping costs due to the nature of large shipments — specifically The Urban Cowboy, The Wrangler, and The Ranch Boss.

If specialty shipping is requested or required for delivery, our customer service team will contact the recipient with reformulated shipping prices.


We strive to make our products the finest that money can buy. However, once a Cauldron leaves our warehouse and is in transit to you, it is simply out of our control.

We have recently been experiencing a sharp increase in loss, damage, and transit delays in our shipments to customers. Consequently, we are now offering shipping insurance through a company called ROUTE. We highly recommend that you utilize this resource. If your shipment is lost or damaged, we can ship a replacement part to you right away, without having to wait for the carrier to investigate, search for lost packages, etc. You will see the cost of Route in the cart page for your order. It is a small (2.5%) percentage of your entire order and can be removed at any time, if you wish.

With the holiday season approaching, and both transit and supply chains already strained, we urge you to take advantage of the insurance offer. After all, Cauldrons are already hard to get down the chimney!


Yes. All Canadian orders are shipped DDP (deliveries and duties paid).