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    The Perfect Barbecue Apron

    Cowboy Cauldron’s founder, Mike Bertelsen, saw an apron on a town plaza restaurant in

    Spain that caught his eye. Like nothing he’d ever seen before. So perfect for its use that he stopped the waiter to ask questions. But it was for a waiter, not a cook. After months of re-design and refinement, it is now ready for you!

    This is the perfect  apron for backyard, all-day wear around the Cauldron.

    Like all of our products, it is designed for a lifetime of heavy use, while being both beautiful and perfectly functional. The apron front is made from 100% cotton duck canvas. The fabric is heavy enough to be protective, but not hot, and dyed black to hide stains. The leather yoke suspension system is made from real bridle leather, and will never break, fade, or crack. Tool  loops and pockets are where they should be, and nowhere else.

    Best yet, the whole thing is designed to be comfortable all day long. The special split-back design keeps any weight off of your neck, so if you need to load it up with tools, towels, mitts, sauce, or whatever, then do. You’ll never notice they are there, but when you need them – hey, there they are, right at your finger-tips!

    The connections are solid brass. Snap off the apron front and toss it in the washer. No more apron strings tangled around everything else in the wash load!

    We’ve been testing it for weeks prior to release, and think it’s as good as any apron can be. But don’t take our word for it – see below:

    "This apron is a truly functional piece. After several decades of working in the restaurant industry, I wish all of my aprons had this many features and looked this good." - Chef Marian


    Heavy cotton canvas material.

    Comfortable, ergonomic suspension design.

    Real bridle-leather straps and tool loops.

    Solid brass hardware.

    Snap-off functionality for washing

    And best of all – the Cowboy Cauldron Logo! (discretely off to one side)

    Note: Accessories pictured with apron are NOT included with purchase.