Mike – I have spent a huge amount of time and money on my barn.  It has amazing woodwork, showcase stonework, started with a 1940s stone house and 1950 era barn (before electricity even got to Little River Valley).   Features include a custom made fireplace setup made by a local blacksmith who is just a visionary artist.    I also invested much time and energy constructing an elaborate stone outdoor fire pit … Then I spend like $3k or whatever on your “Cowboy Cauldron” and that’s ALL ANYONE NOTICES OR TALKS ABOUT!!!! They don’t hardly notice anything else. And I have trouble herding them back inside when we have announcements or food or whatever because everyone just congregates out there at the Cauldron. 

Obviously saying all this with a bit of jest, but seriously – I cannot remember ever getting such a huge return on investment … something that actually works 3 times better than promised and frankly something that I think I will derive tremendous satisfaction out of the rest of my life.

I can’t remember if you’re into cycling or not, but I am hosting a “product launch” for Specialized new “Sequoia” adventure bike. I’ll have about a dozen folks from Specialized corporate group out there hosting about a dozen cycling journalists from all over the country and possibly some from Europe. Obviously, there will be much beer drank, crash-stories told, and tired aching bodies warmed up each night in front of the Cauldron. I hope they hope they notice some of the other things that I’ve worked so hard to create in the barn …

If you ever have someone who wants to talk to a customer who had just a mild bit of skepticism (i.e. how is the Cowboy Cauldron is different from the $400 similar deal I can buy at the local hunting/fishing store?), feel free to give them my phone number.

My friend James Matty who is opening a bike shop here in town left my party and ordered one basically about the next day. It’s going to be the centerpiece of his outdoor sitting area.

If you ever come through the Asheville/Brevard area, I’d love to have you drop by and just spend one night at the barn!

Best Regards,

J. Clay Sykes, P.E.





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October 04, 2019