I sent you pictures yesterday–I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I have loved my cauldron!

We use it frequently for backyard entertaining for fires and love the warmth and atmosphere it creates.

One unexpected perk of the cauldron is the ability to elevate the level of the cauldron to a safe height to keep the open flame away from the kids (I have three under 5 years and knowing they can’t get their hands/hair near the flame is awesome).

We just cooked in it for the first time recently….I made enough pozole to serve appetizers for 400 for a fundraiser at Henry Ford Hospital benefitting our patient needs fund (where pictures came from and why Michiganders were wearing cowboy hats in them). This was a great recipe for the cauldron I would like to pass along.

Thanks again for your wonderful product!

Seth Krupp
Medical Director

August 30, 2019