What Makes a Fire Pit a Cowboy Cauldron?

Cowboy Cauldron makes the most beautiful, best-designed, longest lasting, and most functional fire pit and grill ever to exist. Period.

Made by hand, one at a time, from solid plate steel. Built to last a lifetime, and more. A Cauldron will literally change your life.

Features & Benefits

The Cauldron’s design is timeless. Although it might not look like it at first glance, lots and lots of design revisions have gone into the products we now so proudly sell.

Suspended Basin Design

Heat radiates out and down. Put your feet right under the basin on a cold day! Minimizes smoke irritation by elevating the fire.

Single-Point Suspension

The Cowboy Cauldron sways, just perceptively, when burning. It’s a Cowboy Cauldron. Give it a kick if you want to. You can’t hurt it! Pendulum + Fire = Happiness!

Adjustable Basin Height

Fully adjustable to accommodate any patio furniture or location.

Seamless Plate Steel Basin

Impervious to thermal shock or abuse of almost any kind! No seams to crack, weaken, or look at.

Durable Finish

Frames are zinc-treated, then powder coated for maximum weather resistance. Basins area treated with special high-temperature powder coat.

Large Basin Sizes

Generous cooking area, and large fuel capacity. Tremendous stability in wind, weather, and rambunctious festivities! Thick steel heats up slowly and dissipates heat evenly for safe, slow thermal curve.

Grill Design

Urban Cowboy, Wrangler, and Ranch Boss units feature 3-piece, hinged, truss-reinforced grills. Add fuel, adjust coals, or adjust interior grates without removing grill. Dude unit has solid, chromed steel grill. Optional hinged upgrade available soon!

Interior Charcoal Grates

Large sizes have 2-piece, removable charcoal grates. Dude has solid-bar charcoal grate. Can (should) be removed when burning or cooking with wood.

Securable Cover

Large units have solid, composite covers. They secure to basin with stainless steel clip pins. Smaller units have soft vinyl covers that secure with Fastex buckles.

Solid Steel Basin Bails

Solid steel bail bars are impervious to abuse – will not sag or bend.

Permanent Foot Pads

Elliptical foot pads are welded to each Cauldron leg to protect your deck surface.

No Tools Required

Sets up or takes down in seconds. Enough said!

Four Sizes to Fit Any Space, or Lifestyle