People and Brands We Like

There's not question that Cowboy Cauldron makes the finest fire pits and grills. When it comes to a host of other fine things in this great, big world we have close friends we think you'll love getting to know - and they are all masters of what they do, make, build, grow, and create.

The Finest Cast-Iron Skillets

Our friends at Butter Pat Industies product the smoothest, lightest, and hardest-working skillets known to modern day. Designed perfectly for any Cauldron and the best heirloom you can purchase for you, your children, and generations to come.

Damn-Good Beef

When it comes to beef that has been treated with the utmost care and results in top-tier flavor, we're all ears. Piedmontese raises a lineage of cattle in the American midwest and offers a host of great products. Subscriptions available.

Charcoal Matters

Selecting any old charcoal just won't do, folks. You need flavor and heat when you're cooking over a Cauldron and Cowboy Charcoal is the brand we reach for time and time again to get the job done.

Chef Tyler Florence

Cauldron Culture is a real thing and Chef Tyler Florence is all about it. Stewarding several restaurants in the USA, hosting engaging tv shows, and always inspiring us to push the limits of what we do over an open flame.