We're entering into the middle of springtime and its about to become barbecue season, too. Cooking over an open flame is something we look forward to - the company around the Cauldron, good conversations, and a cold drink in-hand is always a pre-requisite to any worthwhile shindig.

Marianne, our Chef in Residence, recently unboxed her Dude Cauldron - preparing for a busy summer of cooking for large groups and events. Check out her video below and also some thoughts of her own on cooking over open flames in the American Southwest. 

From Marianne:

I’ve heard people say that food cooked at high altitude tastes better. Here in Santa Fe, I like to think about it like we are 7,000ft closer to the sun and the clouds. In the Spring and Summer, winds swirl around us, whipping up dust devils and with it the wafting scent of lavender, wild sage and fire roasted chiles. Even grocery stores and gas stations rope off sections of their parking lot in preparation for the chile harvest.

Cooking over an open fire was the first kind of cooking, and this reminder is continually a gift and has resulted in some of the very best meals I have had. When food meets fire, and the depths of flavor that come with it, combined with bringing people together, nothing beats it. 

As promised, here is the perfect springtime coctkail to enjoy over your next session cooking over an open flame: Spicy Mezcal Margarita

Photos, videos, and recipe courtesy of Marianne Sundquist. 


April 26, 2024