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The Lili


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If you own a Cowboy Cauldron you know quality is our hallmark. You can absolutely trust that this is the finest cast iron pan ever made. Period.

That said, when our partner, Butter Pat Industries, decided to make new, premium-quality American cast iron pans, they had a lot to prove.

For starters, they had to prove that it could actually be done! Making a pan this size is much, much more difficult than making a small one. We did it, and it is perfect. Goodbye to all you scientists and industry professionals who told us it was impossible. Hello to new, smaller pieces in the weeks ahead, including the Joan, which is available for preorder now.

We also needed to prove versatility. A big pan gives you more options than a small one. You can cook one egg or a dozen, and bake, fry, or broil without any real limits. The big tab on top of the pan is designed to be a second handle. Use two hands, and the Lili is a dream.

Lastly, we needed something that works indoors or out. Our pans have been specifically engineered to optimize modern cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops. If you have one of those, you may never take this pan off the stove. Of course, if you are still doing coal-fired cooking, you will also be sitting pretty.

Additional Information

Weight 9.8 lbs
Overall width




Cooking surface



2 1/4″

Wall thickness


Heat plate thickness


Most people think that if they have an old cast iron pan, it must be good. This is only partly true. The earliest pans were, by and large, damn good. But we are talking early early. Like pre 1900’s.  These pans were given the time and attention that it took to produce a product that was ideal for the cooking surfaces of the time – mostly wood and coal stoves. They were great then and they are great now. But there aren’t very many of them.

By mid-century, well-known brands like Wagner and Griswold were making lots and lots of pans for lots and lots of people. They were pretty good, but were being made much heavier, as a way to promote production efficiency. Also, around this time, cast iron was losing favor to new, lightweight cookware – especially aluminum and steel pans, which were developed for the “All Electric Kitchens” being promoted at the time.  Wagnerware catered to this new customer preference, and they eventually stopped making cast iron altogether.

Today, machines make cast iron pans cheaply and efficiently, in just minutes, by pouring the molten iron into sand molds. Customers have noticed that new cast iron is very different from the old stuff, and not in a good way. They are as rough as the sand they are poured in.

Enter Butter Pat Industries.

Butter Pat pans are a technological marvel. They are made to incredible profile specifications, and then polished, making them the smoothest cast iron ever. Not only that, but they are highly engineered. They are thick only where they need to be, making them lightweight, and more precise than the best of the old stuff.

When we say this is the best cast iron ever in the history of cooking, we mean it.

Buy one. You will see.