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Hand-Wrought Chain


Product Description

Our Hand-Wrought Chain is the simplest, safest, and most effective way of hanging a coffee pot, Dutch oven, or anything else over a fire.  Place the Hand-Wrought Chain’s hook on your Cowboy Cauldron’s handle or through the main support chain. The large links give you the perfect selection of distance from the fire, so you can quickly boil camp coffee, or simmer apple cider for hours. You put one of our beautiful S-Hooks in the link you want to select the right amount of heat for your job.

Don’t confuse this with the main support chain that hangs the Cauldron’s basin from the tripod frame. Our Hand-Wrought Chain is a piece of artwork, hand-forged by out blacksmith as a cooking accessory only.

Additional Information

Hand forged mild steel

Heated an hammered to shape by our blacksmith

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