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Bear Fat


Product Description

We have worked long and hard to perfect the ultimate protection for cast iron cook wear, wrought iron, and the exterior of your Cauldron basin. We took the original, crude formula used by 13th century blacksmiths and refined it for modern use. We have created the ultimate, natural sealant, and are proud to offer it to you.
100% food grade, you could put this stuff on a sandwich if you wanted to – (although we still prefer mustard…). Bear Fat is the perfect thing to use for seasoning your cast iron pans. It develops a beautiful finish, is easy to use, and a little goes a long way. Bear Fat is also ideal for use on leather and on outdoor clothing. Keep your work or ski gloves waterproof, restore your Filson or Barbour jackets, or use it on wooden tool handles to keep them from cracking and checking. Uses of Bear Fat are limited only by the stuff you want to protect, and your imagination. And for those of you a bit nervous about the name, know that no bears are harmed in the making of our product! Price per pint.

Additional Information

Specs 100% natural waxes and oils

Our proprietary blend


1 pint

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