The Wrangler (Canada)

24 in. Diameter / 35 lb. Basin


Prices listed in CAD

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What’s Included

  • The Wrangler Cauldron

  • Tripod Frame

  • Suspension Chain

  • Charcoal Grate & Support

  • 3-Piece Chromed Steel, Truss Reinforced Hinged Grill

  • Aluminum Composite Rain Cover


  • Basin Diameter: 36 in.

  • Basin Weight: 130 lbs.

  • Tripod Height: 76 in.

  • Tripod Width: 85 in. Point to Point Approximately

Shipping included in product price. 

The cost to ship internationally has become exorbitant at best. We know this and we are trying to accommodate a more manageable cost for shipping. 

Built to Last a Lifetime, and More.

Made by hand, one at a time, from solid, seamless plate steel.

Single-point suspended basin with adjustable height to fit any space.

No tools required, sets up in seconds.