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    THE WRANGLER - 130lbs, 36-Inch Diameter (Canada)


    $3,299.00 USD delivered to your door anywhere in Canada. Duties & Delivery are included in the product price.

    Also, please note that Bread (Financing Options) are not available for Canadian orders at this time.

    You probably aren’t a professional chef. But if you are, buy this unit.

    Chef’s who use the Wrangler need a big visual for the show, but also need to move it around. If you aren’t actually cooking for a living, but are the type of host(ess) whose friends constantly suggest should open a restaurant, then here’s your Cauldron. With versatility that can only be matched by the Ranch Boss, but without the extra capacity and weight, the Wrangler is “right in the pocket” for lots of folks.

    And even if you never roast so much as a hot dog on it, the ambience and beauty of The Wrangler will set you, and your yard, apart from all the others in ways you already intuit.

    We don’t need to describe why you need it. You already know.

    What's Included

    • The Wrangler Cauldron
    • Tripod
    • Hang Chain
    • Cauldron Cover (Wrangler)
    • Charcoal Grate
    • Cooking Grill


    • Basin Weight: 130lbs
    • Basin Diameter: 36"
    • Tripod Weight: 60lbs
    • Tripod Height:  84” Point to Point  / 79" Tall
    • Seats 4-7 People



    We try to ship between 8-10 days from the receipt of an order. However, we have been overwhelmed with orders this spring and summer, and are also experiencing some delays in fabrication and raw material shipments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    We are now anticipating that shipments will be 30-45 days out. 

    Know that we are doing all we can to get your order filled while keeping our staff and supply chain safe.