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    Our Trucker-Style hats are made for those who want adjustability, comfort, and a range of options!

    These hats have velcro closure, a high front peak, and six-panel construction. Available in either black or dark gray, with a choice of wither white of black stitching. You can go for contrast, or for that oh-so-subtle look, depending upon your own style. We have an internal bet here to see which ones sell fastest!
    One of the things we here at Cowboy Cauldron Company are most proud of is our logo. Like our products, it is clean, simple, and compelling. 

    And if you own a Cauldron, you already know that they are, pure and simply, cool

    Matthew McConaughey (also a Cauldron owner) just published a book called Greenlights, that is the story of his life and upbringing. About a third of the way into it is a short discourse on the nature of cool, in a poem, no less. 

    cool is a natural law.
         if it was cool for THAT time,
           then it is cool for ALL time.
         cool stands the test of time 
    because cool never tries.
          cool just is.

    Mic drop.