You know, in our neck of the woods, being called a dude isn’t necessarily a compliment...

It’s the word we use for the guy who can’t tie knots. Can’t throw a rope.

The gal whose boots are brand new, and just a little too tight.

But in most parts, these days, being THE DUDE® is a whole other thing. THE DUDE® commands respect – sometimes willingly given, and sometimes just begrudgingly acknowledged.

He’s got something that other people want, or aspire to.

She has confidence, competence, and style. Defined her own way. And she’s not the prissy one, either.

We created THE DUDE® to merge both concepts of Dudeness, because WE ARE ALL THE DUDE, in both meanings of the phrase, at least some of the time.

You might not know how to saddle a horse if your life depended on it, but you could be the one who knows how to feed the group.

Trust us on this, you don’t want to eat what most cowpokes call “cooking,” and neither do your friends.