Howdy, y’all ~ I couldn’t be more pleased to have you visiting our site!

Butter Pat Industries and Cowboy Cauldron Company have been joined at the hip for as long as either company has existed. We are a couple of old friends who have been helping each other through thick and thin for a long damn time.

If you look at the photo above, you should pretty much be able to figure out whose finger is pointing out his own enterprise. 

And if you were looking for a deal, well pard'ner, you just found one! 

Below you will find a link and a discount code that will let you save $100 on our newest offering, The Dude. It’s a great product. I am really proud of it, and prouder still to be able to give Butter Pat customers a deal on it. If you are smart enough to own a Butter Pat pan, I think of you as “Pre-Qualified” for life around a Cauldron! And if nothing else, a Cauldron will give you one more way to enjoy your pan!

You may have seen Dennis’ story about the BPI - Cowboy Cauldron connection in his newsletter, The Standard Edition. Like most of our stories, it’s pretty good when he tells it, but frankly, I tell it better. My version can be found below. Give it a read. I’m reasonably sure you will find it worth your while.

If not, tell Dennis! He’ll be glad to know you prefer his version. And you can be sure he will let me know!

Mike Bertelsen - Founder & President