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    "Got my cauldron several weeks ago and loving it. Since we’ve been quarantined, there’s nothing better than firing it up for cooking and s’mores! Did venison/brisket sausage and venison/brisket burgers thus far. Looking forward to many more fires and many more family memories. Thanks so much for making such a great product. If you don’t mind, I’ll continue to send you pics. Thanks again and stay safe, my friends!" - Steven T 



    The Cauldron has arrived!

    It is wonderful!

     - Randee B. Washington


    My name is Travis Price and my wife’s name is Wendy Price. She designed a space for the cauldron in our backyard with the hope that someday we’d be in a position to get one. Long story longer I was able to surprise her with the cauldron for her birthday over Labor Day weekend. It was incredible to see how happy she was and the cauldron was the star of the the party. (Right behind Wendy). Thanks for taking the time to do something hard and create something that matters and will last. I know we will have a lot of fun times cooking on and gathering around the cauldron.

    If you’re ever in the Brigham City area please stop by and see the coolest cauldron in town!

    Travis Price


    The Cowboy Cauldron is the best out there. It is highly portable, smartly designed, and well-engineered. When not in use as a fire pit or grill, the Cowboy Cauldron acts as an art piece. It is ascetically pleasing, much like a piece of sculpture, and anchors as a centerpiece to any outdoor environment. The Cowboy Cauldron is incredibly versatile in its cooking uses, not just for grilling, but one can make soups, sauces, deep fry, rotisserie or just use it to roast marshmallows with the kids. It is clean, and there is no impact on the area where you are cooking. If you want fire in your life, the Cowboy Cauldron is a must-have for any outdoor professional or amateur cooking enthusiast!

    John Fink


    Mike + Team, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I have loved my Cowboy Cauldron! We use it frequently for backyard entertaining for fires and love the warmth and atmosphere it creates. One unexpected perc of the Cowboy Cauldron is the ability to elevate the level of the Cauldron to a safe height to keep the open flame away from the kids (I have three under 5 years and knowing they can’t get their hands/hair near the flame is awesome). We just cooked in it for the first time recently….I made enough pozole to serve appetizers for 400 for a fundraiser at Henry Ford Hospital benefitting our patient needs fund. This was a great recipe for the cauldron I would like to pass along. Thanks again for your wonderful product!

    Seth Krupp


    Few products these days check both the Utility and Beauty box for me these days. The Cowboy Cauldron certainly does that. Whenever I build a fire in it, it instantly becomes a gathering spot for everyone around. It is the place where we congregate, bear our souls over the flame, tell tall tales and laugh until it hurts. It invokes the past while modern and durable. Like a classic sportscar, sitting still it still looks beautiful and ready for action.
    I will have a Cowboy Cauldron in my life as long as I live.

    Keith Saarloos


    My name is Adam, I live in Oregon, and I own a 30' Urban Cowboy. Having owned it for a little over 3 years, it has become by far my favorite way to cook when hosting a gathering of friends. Not only do steaks taste better having been seared over a wood flame, I can simultaneously use a cast-iron frypan for sausages and chicken. It has also made me the envy of my buddies who can only marvel and compare the Urban Cowboy to their own feeble propane-powered grills, and an object of admiration from the ladies who can simultaneously sit nearby and warm themselves on a chilly Fall / Winter day thanks to the elevation provided by the tripod design.

    When used solely as a fire pit the Urban Cowboy has a couple of considerable advantage over more conventional designs being: 1. its elevation via the tripod makes wind-blown smoke much less of a problem compared to fire pits that sit directly on the ground, and 2: this elevation also offers considerably greater warmth in cold weather as users can sit and stretch their legs underneath the Cauldron and benefit from the radiant heat.

    So whilst my Urban Cowboy did cost more than, say, buying a cheap fire pit & a propane grill for eating and cooking, the pleasure it has given me, my family and my friends over the years has made it supremely worthwhile, and I would highly recommend a purchase by anyone looking for a quality backyard addition.

    Adam Michell


    Received the cauldron and other gear right on time. Moved it from the street via my riding mower and cart. Set up was simple and I had a small fire in the cauldron that night.

    My son-in-law is a chef and we decided to cook a standing rib roast (12lb), some tri-tips, potatoes and other stuff on the cauldron on Christmas Eve. Dinner for about 20 people (maybe of few more, never counted.) Started a fire about 2:00, then had coals about 4:00, plus about 25 lbs of lump charcoal. All was cooked directly over the fire. Everything turned out fine, but would have enjoyed trying out the spit. I’m wondering if there are some missing pieces or perhaps there’s a video to explain how it all works. Anyway, we had a great time — but it was cold and only about 10 people actually went outside to see the cauldron. This picture was taken well after dinner from the back porch of my house while I had a beer with my neighbor. To the right is my art studio and in the distance is my next door neighbor’s barn.

    George Rentz


    I’ve used Cowboy Cauldrons at many outdoor events. I’ve used it for everything from smoking Pork cheeks, grilling chickens and making our famous gumbo. I can honestly say I haven’t used a more versatile piece of outdoor equipment in my days as a Chef. Not only that but it also doubles as an amazing show piece for everyone from the most seasoned chef to the backyard home grill master.

    David Santos


    My family grew up around this mountain meadow. Our oldest daughter decided this was the spot for her dream wedding. She and her husband love to camp so we set up a ” Glamping” outfitters tent with queen size bed and the works. The Cowboy cauldron was the perfect addition to the honeymoon & wedding festivities. Guests danced the night away under the stars & the cauldron chased away the night chill of the high mountains. Many a stories were told and memories made-thank you for a fantastic product!

    Scott from Big Marsh, Oregon


    Good afternoon Mike,

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season . Dana and I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our cauldron!! Fire is such a primal tool, especially for the very specific of gathering friends and family. Now when the neighbors see the blaze thru the orchard they come on over too. How much better can it really get? New Year’s Eve in the great PNW was even better gathered around the cauldron.
    Everyone who comes over asks the same question: how do i get one of these. It’s sort of like be the local ice cream vendor, just give ‘em a little treat and they will want more.

    Fire, Friends and a little something from Kentucky makes for a great gathering.

    Thanks again,

    Brian and Dana Lowe


    Originally I was looking to build a traditional fire pit sunken into my brick patio. By code I had to be 10 feet off the foundation of the house and I was only 8 feet away. So, I started my search for a fire pit that didn’t look like it was made of tin and would only last one season. I first saw the Cowboy Cauldron when doing a Google search and fell in love with the look. It was different, it’s a piece of art, it made a statement and I was instantly hooked. I spent hours looking at photos trying to decide what would be the right size for my patio and ended up purchasing the Urban Cowboy for several reasons. First, I used the size charts you give on your website and that helped a lot. Second, I watched the YouTube video of Mike showing the different sizes. And third, I wanted something I could easily put into my pickup truck and take the party with me. I would also like to start a Christmas tradition of taking my Cowboy Cauldron into the cul-de-sac here in Aldie, VA so the neighbors can come up, roast marshmallows, and sing Christmas carols. Good times, good friends, good memories!!!

    Michael Combs


    23 years ago, When my wife and I were deciding where to put our family roots down (me in the country and her in suburbia), the final decision was suburbia. “You can’t win them all guys”! Speed forward, to our new backyard (big and roomy) being totally landscaped and well…lets say… my Architects Dream became a center piece for our family to relax around. Today, its’ Christmas and I’ll have it fired up for the family “for the first time”.
    “It’s my way of bringing the country to suburbia” and dang nice if I might say so my self.
    Years will come and go and I’m sure my family will grow to really enjoy the the “campfire feel” but more…”all the great family memories we’ll enjoy as long as our feet can touch this earth”.

    Don Larson


    Christine and I have enjoyed our Urban Cowboy for several years, moving it from farm to our house in the city as the seasons change. It’s portability is one the many benefits we enjoy. Friends love to gather around to enjoy whatever we grill up followed by an evening sitting around the fire. While getting ready for a burn the other day a Coopers hawk dropped by to see what we were up to. Next on our list of must haves is one of your cast iron pans.

    Roger and Christine Heider


    When I am working with live fire, there is not a piece of equipment I would rather use than my Cowboy Cauldron. Whether I am boiling crawfish, grilling streaks, or roasting pigs; the Cowboy Cauldron gets the job done efficiently, effectively, and with drop dead sex appeal. One time cooking on it and all your buddies will be asking how to get one.

    Jean Paul - Executive Chef at Blue Smoke


    We have a huge Halloween party this weekend and the cauldron will be our focal point outdoors. Thanks for everything and thank you for the pride you take in your cauldrons. It shows.

    Brad Hendrixson


    I purchased My Cowboy Cauldron from Mike + Team after the Charleston Wine and Food Festival, and it is the best purchase I have ever made as a Chef who loves to cook outdoors over an open flame. I witnessed countless number of chefs at the festival put the cauldron to the test and it performed like a boss! It is now the statement piece, or should I say centerpiece, for my backyard. Having a truck, it is also easy to transport to different gatherings and sets up with ease.The cauldron has provided my friends and I with endless opportunities to gather and behold not only the spectacular warmth and ambience it provides, but the fantastic live fire meals I have been able to execute on this piece of equipment is limitless!!! It’s is rugged and built to last, and can handle cooking up a storm for as many people as you can entertain!

    Aaron Swersky - Executive Chef at Herd Provisions


    Few products these days check both the Utility and Beauty box for me these days. The Cowboy Cauldron certainly does that. Whenever I build a fire in it, it instantly becomes a gathering spot for everyone around. It is the place where we congregate, bear our souls over the flame, tell tall tales and laugh until it hurts. It invokes the past while modern and durable. Like a classic sportscar, sitting still it still looks beautiful and ready for action.
    I will have a Cowboy Cauldron in my life as long as I live.

    Keith Saarloos


    So you know, my Christmas gift was to be a drone. There are so many recalls and bad ones out there my wife decided to pass and bought me my Cauldron.

    I’m glad there are crappy drones out there. It’s why I have a Cauldron. Truly … 34 years of marriage. Besides my two kids – best gift ever.

    Joel D.


    I ordered The Wrangler and it arrived just in time for our party. WOW! What a beauty! Everyone LOVED the cauldron it was the centerpiece of the event! Thank you for such great customer service and thank you for making this amazing utilitarian piece of art!

    Darla MaGee


    Got my Wrangler today!! I've been like a kid on Christmas Eve since it was shipped!! The workmanship is even better that I could have imagined!! Thank you sooo much Mike + Team for all your help and advice!! The Wrangler was the way to go to be sure! The added size, (over the Urban Cowboy) really give it a "presence and scale" that is just what I wanted.., and might I say...really makes a statement!! Couldn't be more pleased!!

    J Evans


    For the past three years we have been celebrating Father's Day with an off-the-grid weekend. This is when the whole family comes to the mountain home and celebrates the outdoors. All cell phones, iPads, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets are turned off and put away. Everything is done outdoors including cooking. This is where the Cowboy Cauldron is really put to work. From the first pot of coffee in the morning until the last desert in the evening, the fire is kept going by some stalwart Boy Scouts known as grandchildren.

    The Moyer Family


    Mike + Team, Received the Urban Cowboy Monday morning. Delivery ​was perfect, driver was polite and professional. Brought the pallet down the driveway (300') and placed it exactly where I asked. ​Packaging was great. It was very easy to set up and it looks GREAT! Anxious for a cool evening for the first burn, maybe this Friday. Thanks for the exceptional service. Wish you well.

    Mr. & Mrs. Delaney


    Mike and his team were awesome from the Go when we were looking into these. We were skeptical about spending this much on a fire pit. Especially never having seen one in person. After setting it up it has only seen 1 weekend with no burn time on it. Downpoured all weekend. We have not finished our patio yet, but this sits so well just in the backyard that it is no big hurry at this point.The cauldron is awesome I load it with wood and just let it burn for hours. Our dogs can cozy right up to them and we don't have to worry about burns. We have been burning alot of pine and it contains the poppers pretty good.
    Thank you Mike and everyone @ Cowboy Cauldron Co. for making such a wonderful product.