Growing up in a tiny town in northern Utah, when I got to college I couldn’t believe that all the guys around me didn’t know how to clean a pheasant. I think they thought it involved soap instead of a knife!

On the other hand, I didn’t know how to dress myself. Bell-bottom jeans and double-knit polyester shirts weren’t cutting it. (Yeah, I’m really that old)!

When I got to DC, the really highly-educated guys from the Ivy League schools ran circles around me on literature, but literally panicked if they had car trouble or the power went out. When I started lobbying, they were fascinated at the notion I could just build a fire in the Cauldron, have fun, tell stories, cook wonderful food, and it was just another day for me.

It’s my goal to put the visceral, primitive beauty of real fire in the hands of as many folks as possible. Male or female, young or old, urban, suburban, or right out there in cowboy country.

Cowboy Cauldron Company isn’t about fire, it’s about experience. Hosting. Friendship. Travel. Fun. We do all we can to take the mystery and the fear out of fire, and out of of hosting. We want to make things easy, and we think we are the best in the world at it. Our stuff is built to work, it’s built to last.

It took five years to get The Dude just right. It’s burly, but not burdensome. It’s beautiful, functional, and fits in the trunk of your car. It will change your weekends, your weekdays, your parties, and your relationships with people.

You may have been looking at the Cowboy Cauldron for years, or this may be your first exposure. There are literally hundreds of fire devices on the market, and quite frankly, most of them suck. No amount of gorgeous photography or bullshit marketing verbiage will make them any better. If you want to spend the money you work so hard for on something that will kick ass for the rest of your life, please consider a Cowboy Cauldron.

You won’t be sorry, and neither will your friends.