Cowboy Cauldrons are a matter of pride for their owners as well as for us. After years in a white-collar world where nothing tangible was ever created, it was a life-changing experience the day someone saw the first Cauldron, walked up to me, and said, “That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I would like to buy one from you.”

I vowed on that day that if someone was going to buy something from me it was going to be as good as I could make it, and that it would last. It isn’t easy. It requires everything from precision technology to brute force.

We are proud of what we do, and we consider it our honor to have your business.


You can try, but you can’t ruin a Cauldron in a single lifetime. It’s impossible.

This is Mike Bertelsen, the founder of Cowboy Cauldron Company, and I know, because there are two people in this world who have tried. The first one is my brother Steve. He’s broken everything I have ever owned since he was old enough to walk, and his Cauldron is still standing, ten years later. Believe me – that means durability.

The other guy is my friend Dennis. He owns Butter Pat Industries, the folks who make the world's best cast iron pans, and lives on Chesapeake Bay. He uses his Cauldrons (yes, Cauldrons plural - he has two of them) all the damn time. He loves nothing more than to host a big party around his Urban Cowboy, and then, when the party is over, throw the basin, raging coals and all, right into the Bay. Does it piss me off? Hell yes! But does it hurt his Cauldron? No.

CAVEAT: Please don’t throw your Cauldron in the water. It’s a liability nightmare. And it pisses me off!


A Cauldron is made from solid, seamless, high-tensile plate steel. All parts are treated with high-performance high-temperature powder coating, and each component has been tested to perform its duty perfectly. You can buy other grills, but you simply can’t buy a better one. You can sit around other fire pits, but after spending time around a Cauldron, they will honestly seem rather barbaric.