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    Demand for our products has been overwhelming these past few months, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support we have received. The downside is that we are seriously back ordered on our larger sizes of Cauldrons. Keeping the Cauldron family safe as meant slowdowns. There’s just no getting around it. 
    If you believe a Cauldron is right for your life, it’s important to get the one you think best suits your needs. After all, you are going to have it for a very long time. Although we have plenty of Dude units in stock, we will not be able to fulfill orders for larger units before Christmas. We will send you a fun, beautiful card that can go in a stocking, so that your gift recipient knows the wonderful thing you have done for them. But seriously, getting Cauldrons down the chimney is a bitch during a normal year. And with Rudolph’s nose in a mask - fuggedaboutit...
    And we don’t want to sound like used car salesmen here (apologies to any used car salesmen!) but if you want a Cauldron sooner than later, please get your order placed and get in queue. The line will get longer before it gets shorter. 

    If you have further question, please call us: 1.833.244.3473