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    Honestly, we used to be able to more-or-less keep up with most of the events that feature Cauldrons. Not any more. With nearly 10,000 of them burning worldwide, it’s just gotten past the point where we can keep track.

    But we love it, and so do our customers.

    They send us photos from all over. We’ve selected a few of them for you. Some from regular folks and some from famous people. Look closely. Yes, that’s Trisha Yearwood at the Garth Brooks concert event at Notre Dame, and yes, it’s Padma Laksmi and Gail Simmons from Top Chef. We should let you know, they are all really, really nice. Especially Trisha.

    Scroll down to see the images from events all around the world.

    And please, if you have a Cauldron, send us some pics! We just love to see them (and you) in action.