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    Chefs love the Cowboy Cauldron.

    Go figure. Beautiful, functional, movable, and versatile,
    they are so much more than a grill.

    Chefs do amazing stuff on (and in) them. It’s really humbling to watch. Just when you think you might be getting pretty good at cooking on a Cauldron, you watch a true professional in action, and realize that you probably will never,
    ever get that good.

    But guess what? It doesn’t matter! People may never pay you the big bucks, or put your name in lights for what you do with a spatula in your hand.
    Then again, maybe they will. But either way, the folks you care most about will be all the better off for your getting to the peak of your game,
    at whatever level that turns out to be.

    Scroll down to see all the various ways chefs are using the Cowboy Cauldron.