After years of using and making Cowboy Cauldrons I have a few firm opinions.

First, what someone does with their Cauldron in the privacy of their own yard is their own damn business!

Secondly, notwithstanding the above, there are a few “Best Practices” that are better observed than ignored.

Make your own decisions, but just know that this is the voice of experience talking here...


It’s best not to change the height of a friend’s basin to suit your preference without asking him/her first.


Nothing good will come from leaving the wine or champagne bottle too close to the fire.


There is no shame in using a fire starter.


Lightweight, upright chairs. Lots of them.


Occasionally, grill things that aren’t meat.


Don’t boil pots on the grill. Hang them or put them down on the charcoal grate.

It Makes A Village™

Let people contribute.


Know your wood.and another log is usually a good idea.

Use Often

Your Cauldron will outlast you. Burn it hard while it’s yours.