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There's no shortage of stories that happen around a fire -- let alone a fire in a Cowboy Cauldron. Stories happen with intentionality, great company, and typically (well, usually) accompanied by a great meal. 

If you're planning a gathering around your cauldron and cooking is on the schedule, it's important that you're equipped for the culinary journey ahead. Our friends at Butter Pat Industries make damn-sure that searing a steak, smashing a few burgers, steaming clams, or roasting a whole fish can be done with ease -- and the entire process will be beautiful.

Modeled after the processes in manufacturing that started back in the early 1900s, a Butter Pat Cast Iron Skillet is hand-cast smooth. If you've never held a cast iron skillet that is cast smooth, you've never experienced what a true performance piece of cast iron cookware feels like.

If you've been a part of the Cauldron Society for years, or if you just joined the ranks, you're in for one hell of a grilling experience. Pairing your Cauldron with the right tools is the way you ensure incredible meals and unforgettable memories. 

We've been close with the Butter Pat guys for many years. (Insert more story here)

Thus, that's why you'll see our logo imprinted on the bottom of their 14" Skillet -- The Lili. This skillet is the perfect pairing for every steak you'll sear, every batch of oysters, and all of the vegetables you'll roast over an open flame. Just like our cauldrons, cast iron doesn't break down. You'll be handing this pan down as a family heirloom for well over the next 100 years.