Your neighbor’s backyard grill probably allows him (or her) to throw down some fine-tasting food. But when the grill hood goes down, the fun pretty much stops. With a Cauldron, the party stays right where you are. And that’s the difference.

Live fire cooking is literally older than homo sapiens. Our very digestive systems have evolved for what fire does to food – even if you’re a vegetarian! It’s fun. It’s easy. And you can go from burgers and dogs or grilled asparagus to the very outermost limits of the culinary stratosphere, if that’s your fancy. Cowboy Cauldrons are enablers. They give you the means to indulge yourself and your friends in cooking on real fire, no matter where you live, in a clean, safe, and remarkably efficient package. Oh, and by the way, each Cauldron also comes with a removable, two-piece charcoal grate, so you don’t have to use fire. But you can. Oh, yes, you can.



Cowboy Cauldrons are in the hands of some of the finest chefs and backyard cooks in America. Executive chefs from major hotel groups use them personally, as well as professionally. Cauldrons are featured at major culinary events, and great recipes are being developed every day by people who just plain love what fire does to food, no matter what title is on their business card.


Cowboy Cauldrons are a perfect tool. And like the best tools, they do more than one job. You can grill on them. You can roast beasts on a spit over them. You can cook soup or do a low-country boil inside them. They are perfect smokers, and our customers have won major BBQ competitions on them.

Scale yours up or down. You can play host to the masses if the party is at your house, or just cook to perfection that fresh trout you spent the day chasing, all by yourself.



But cooking is only part of the story. Let’s get real here. Who likes hanging around in comfort by a fire? You do. Because Cauldrons are made of heavy-gauge steel, they radiate heat out and down, creating a perfect penumbra of warmth. Because they are suspended, you can sit with your legs underneath the basin. Oh yeah – warm toes, cold drinks, you and your guests staying outside pretty much all year, if that’s your thing. It surely is ours.

Because Cauldrons are up and out of the ground, smoke is already well on its way past you as you sit comfortably in your chair (or while you and your buddies stand around telling stories). Once you spend time around a Cauldron, you will have a hard time being around any other fire feature. They are just that good.