Cowboy Cauldron makes the most beautiful, best-designed, longest lasting, and most functional fire pit and grill ever to exist. Period.

Built by hand in America from domestic steel, a Cauldron will literally change your life. In fact, it will almost surely change the lives of grandchildren and great-grandchildren who aren’t even born yet. Our company and our products are built with one goal in mind – to bring people together for moments of meaningful interaction, and to do so for a long, long time.

Ask anyone who has one. They will almost surely tell you that buying a Cowboy Cauldron was one of the best purchases they have ever made.

Real fire, real real life, and really, really cool.

That’s Cowboy Cauldron.



The Lineup

The Urban Cowboy: Scaled down for urban backyard and patio use, our small model is still larger and more functional than any standard grill on the market. It’s big enough for Dutch oven cooking, holds large logs for rollicking bonfires, but really shines as the centerpiece for backyard entertaining.

The Wrangler: Our medium-sized is perfect for watching even the largest fires dance at your command, for grilling burgers for the whole team, or just getting you and the family through the weekend. Visually stunning, warm, and portable enough that you will be asked to bring it to the company picnic year after year!

The Ranch Boss: The original, full-sized, awe-inspiring version of the Cauldron. Its mere presence radiates a calming sense of permanence all too lacking in today’s temporary society. This is the one that all other Cauldrons descended from, and the one to buy if your space and lifestyle allow.

The Construction

A Cowboy Cauldron isn’t just a fire pit. It is an object lesson in functional design. Their beauty and simplicity hide the thousands of hours of thought and refinement that result in a perfect product. Like a mousetrap, a Cauldron has been designed to do its job with ruthless efficiency. It’s job is to keep you and those you hold dearest warm, happy, and well-fed.

A Cauldron is made from solid, seamless, high-tensile plate steel. All parts are treated with high-performance high-temperature powder coating, and each component has been tested to perform its duty perfectly. You simply can’t buy a better grill. After spending time around a Cauldron, other fire pits will honestly seem rather barbaric.

Upkeep is a cinch. Cauldrons don’t need to be cleaned very often. They like a nice thick layer of ash in the bottom. When you do want to clean it, just step on one edge of the basin and sweep the ashes out! When you aren’t burning, keep the cover on so that a rainstorm, or your sprinkler system, doesn’t leave you with a puddle in the bottom. Use your Cauldron as much as you can – they love burning, and smoke from cooking coats the metal, keeping things looking good. As to fires, don’t be afraid to go big, but don’t feel compelled. Cauldrons are happy with small fires, too.